TRCD & Kaizen Flow - Shatter Machine/Control Freak - Neuroheadz

TRCD & Kaizen Flow - Shatter Machine/Control Freak

The Neuroheadz are back once more with an absolute barnstormer of a release from the talented Kaizen Flow for their debut release on the label and TRCD, who returns with another corker on the label!

Nick and Shane are two guys from London who met around 10 years ago and bonded over artists like Phace/Noisia and Mefjus. Sharing this love for the sounds we know as Neurofunk, their passion eventually grew as they discovered all the excitement the genre contains, they then decided to embark on a journey to create their own music and leave their unique stamp on our scene.

TRCD Dan Taylor AKA UK Neurofunk Drum & Bass Producer/Dj, TRCD (FKA Traced) made his debut into the Drum & Bass scene in 2014 with his first release on legendary USA based label Cymbalism Recordings, since then TRCD has had releases On Trendkill Records, Cause 4 Concern, Red Light Records, VTO Records, Nemesis Recordings, Affliction Audio, Mayan Audio, Close 2 Death Recordings, Kill Tomorrow, Abducted LTD, Dirtbox Recordings, Boomslang Recordings, Neuroheadz and Empire Recordings. TRCD is the co/owner of UK Neurofunk Drum & Bass label VTO Records TRCD has collaborated with artists such as Kaizen Flow, Tr Tactics, Transforma, Bytecode, Recs, Kryptomedic, Bad Ace, Surgence, Dark D and Lifesize MC TRCD has also Dj'ed across the UK and Europe for some very internationally known promotions, Virus recordings, Neuroheadz, Global Gathering, Unity Rage, Jungle DNB sessions, Darkside and Clubs Ministry of sound, StormClub, CrossClub, Marley Club and Steel Yard to name a few.

Shatter machine - Dan sent a rough version with the melody and groove intact to the boys and they fell in love with it. The original was played at the first Neuroheadz festival. The boys took this project and created a new melody for the second drop and loads of counter melodies and fell in love with how much of a blend they felt they got between dancefloor and neuro.

The idea for Control Freak was started by Nick and Shane and it was about wanting to have entire control over the whole process of production/ mixing / mastering etc. And the fact they always want this makes Nick and Shane kind of perfectionists, which they like and don't like at the same time. The idea of the collab came about and they knew it was this one they wanted Dan to go in on, it helped strip Nick and shane away from that feeling of needing control and put them 

in an uncomfortable position where they were unable to have that. Dan sent it back and they loved it and knew it was the right choice.

A huge release from these guys, one to be sure to make waves through the whole scene!

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