Transforma ft. Mink & Dropset - Only Cans EP - Neuroheadz

Transforma ft. Mink & Dropset - Only Cans EP

Only Cans Feat. Mink 

This belter has a rather unique story as to how it was made. Mink (Who co found Neuroheadz and works full time on the label) was obliterated at an after party with a box of stella on his head asking people to subscribe to his only cans account.

The strange actions from him were filmed and Transforma, who was present at the time, took the video footage and sampled the magic vocals you’ll hear in the track.

The Track then descends into mayhem with the sounds of classic Transforma throughout.

Trigger Warning feat Dropset. 

This tune is a re release from the success Headz Up LP from Neuroheadz earlier in the year.

Dropset and Transforma have worked together on previous releases on Korsakov & Abducted ltd. With Dropset sending Transforma the bones and the idea, Transforma happily obliged and added the extra spice it needed.

Balls to the wall energy throughout. A nuclear weapon of a track.

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