Stonx - Wikkid World EP

Stonx - Wikkid World EP

STONX (Ollie Barron) is the relentless embodiment of Neurofunk. Hailing from London, with a foundation in bass guitar and inspiration drawn from legends like Teddy Killers, Current Value, Prodigy, and Noisia, STONX delivers irresistibly heavy, yet catchy anthems that leaves listeners craving more.

His relentless basslines and beats capture the dark and uncompromising essence of the genre, infused with unmistakable rock and metal influences. STONX has earned recognition and support from Neurofunk industry heavyweights, including Gydra, Jade, Black Sun Empire, Manta, Karpa, and Agressor Bunx, solidifying his status as a rising force in the neurofunk scene.

In a recent transition, James, his former partner in the duo, decided to step back for personal reasons. Despite this change, STONX remains committed to delivering the relentless sound that fans have come to love.

When he's not in the studio, Ollie hosts "Stonxcast," a weekly Neurofunk podcast boasting over 20,000 dedicated listeners both in the UK and worldwide. With his electrifying live sets, STONX is the name to watch for those seeking the future of genre-blurring Drum & Bass experiences.


1.Get ready to blast off with 'New Toy Rocket,' the opening track of our EP. This energetic and funky modern Neurofunk masterpiece is a wild ride through wonky neuro leads, infectious bass, and a relentless groove. It's a funk-jumping, silly Neurofunk funzone that will have you moving from start to finish. With its colossal reeses and non-stop pounding basslines, 'New Toy Rocket' is impossible to resist.

2.Prepare for rebellion with 'Wikkid World,' a Neuro anthem that encapsulates the anger, epic grandeur, and imbalance of our times. Inspired by the tumultuous world around us, this track is a heavy, energetic, and screaming anthem that stands as a testament to the chaos of our era. The unforgettable vocals, chanting 'It's a wikkid wikkid world,' serve as a battle cry for the restless. 'Wikkid World' is a raw and unapologetic musical reflection of the challenging world we live in.

3.Dive into the depths of underground music with 'Mycorrhizal Network.' This track delivers deep rolling techy warehouse vibes that transport you to a realm inhabited by rave goblins. It's a dark, deep, and grotty auditory experience, reminiscent of the sweat dripping from the air conditioning pipes at 5 am in a warehouse party. The relentless bassline exerts constant pressure, pushing you down while trippy organic textures and captivating vocals add to the hypnotic journey. 'Mycorrhizal Network' is an immersive exploration into the shadows of electronic music

4."Prepare for an explosive collision of genres with 'RIPH (Rage Induced Piss Headbut),' a groundbreaking fusion of Neuro and Metal. This track embodies the sonic landscape STONX has always cherished – where overly distorted bass and guitar converge into a maelstrom of sound. With colossal kicks, snares, and relentless pressure, 'RIPH' is an auditory onslaught that's nothing short of heavy, angry, spiky, and completely insane. Its signature features include massive distorted guitars and a deep bass groove, delivering the electrifying result of what transpires when Metal meets Neurofunk. Achieving this sound has been a dream spanning 18 years of music production, and 'RIPH' marks the culmination of that dream."

5. "Closing the EP with a bang, 'HOST' invites you to the dancefloor with its catchy and rock-infused energy. A delightful deviation from STONX usual sound, 'HOST' retains that deep, dark groove while injecting a dash of catchinesss. This cheeky and slightly spooky track carries hints of the '80s rock vibe while staying firmly rooted in the dancefloor-oriented world of Drum & Bass. With a captivating lead that carries the entire song, 'HOST' serves up a classic Drum & Bass melody that's impossible to resist.

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