Overtune - Void/Nothing Will Survive - Neuroheadz

Overtune - Void/Nothing Will Survive

The Neuroheadz are back once again with a hard hitting 2 track release from the mighty Overtune!

Neuroheadz · Overtune - Void

Overtune, is a 23-year-old drum and bass DJ and producer from a small town in Lower Austria with a passion for hard-hitting Neurofunk. Based in Vienna, he's part of the renowned “Fasten Your Seatbelts” crew, and with his sets and productions he tries to push boundaries and deliver raw power and intensity.

The first track on this release, "Void", is a dark and intense Neurofunk Drum and Bass track that transports listeners to a dystopian realm, pulling them in the endless voids of DNB.

“Nothing Will Survive” is a hard hitting Neurofunk banger, trying to capture the raw destruction and power of a Supernova. With the rolling drums that brings an old school neuro vibe accompanied by a beastly lead, you’ll be sure to destroy dancefloors this one.

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