Overtune - Push/Sonic Boom

Overtune - Push/Sonic Boom

The Neurohreadz move into 2024 with their first release from the very talented OVERTUNE. This release follows on from his 'Void' EP released mid 2023 and takes a step up in production quality.

Overtune, is a 23-year-old drum and bass DJ and producer from a small town in Lower Austria with a passion for hard-hitting Neurofunk. Based in Vienna, he’s part of the renowned “Fasten Your Seatbelts” crew, and with his sets and productions he tries to push boundaries and deliver raw power and intensity for the dancefloor.

'Push' is a Neurofunk powerhouse. This track delivers unbridled energy and intensity through it's subby lead and high hooks. This is a true dancefloor track that will get the club pumping.

'Sonic Boom' delivers the raw Power of a sonic boom. The track’s explosive drop thrusts listeners into a thrilling sonic ride full of snares, bass and a catchy high lead.

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