Octavate & Killey - Speedholes/Sugar

Octavate & Killey - Speedholes/Sugar

Brace for impact! Octavate's latest single, Sugar / SPEEDHOLES, packs a punch as Killey joins them for his debut release. Luring the duo down the Neurofunk rabbit hole, Killey collabs 'Sugar' whilst Octavate bring a jungle / Dancefloor vibe to Neuroheadz.


Octavate were formed after a chance meeting between George & Anders at Basscamp, a residential music production course for aspiring dnb artists held in Portugal in 2019. Since then they have had releases on Jungle Cakes, Dispatch, Rebel Music & more together.

Killey, head honcho of Neuroheadz record label, traditionally works on the business side of music. However, he's now venturing into making his own music to release on Neuroheadz.

George, long-time friend of Ben Killey's, now lives with Ben and they now create music together. Keep your ears peeled for more releases!


Teaming up with label head honcho Killey, their usual breaksy, playful and organic sound now merges with the grit and aggressiveness of neurofunk, to form the high intensity dancefloor weapon that is 'Sugar'.


On the flip side, strap in for a twisting journey that abides by no traffic laws with 'SPEED HOLES'. This track merges Neurofunk, Dancefloor and Jungle into one hell of a ride! We gurantee you've not heard anything like this before! (Neuroheadz not liable for any prosecution resulting from driving under the influence of this drum & bass).
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