Kevala - Verge/Creep

Kevala - Verge/Creep

The Neuroheadz invite you to download their brand new 2 track release from label debutant Kevala! Born and raised in Madrid, based in Lisbon, Rik Casado (Kevala) is a rising producer in the Drum and Bass scene. His productions display a wide range of sounds, receiving influences from all kinds of musical genres, which result in the diverse listening spaces he creates. From dark, melancholic, introspection-inviting vibes, to neuro mind-bending madness, to anything in between, his music is always driven by mesmerizing drum breaks that keep the listener hooked to the story he's telling from beginning to end.

With his first EP already charting on Beatport’s Top 10, this emerging artist is someone to keep an eye on.


This track is very special to Rik, mostly because the main synth in it has a kind of playful character to it, which is unusual to the style that he tends to produce. The combination of its timbre with the melody brings sneaky vibes, like the image of someone that looks weird and that you wouldn’t trust. The samples, both the vocal of Robocop confronting him and the scream of the “creep” himself, help bring alive the image of this person. Adding the dark basses and the very groovy/ funky drums created a combination that gives an unsettling character to the whole track, creating a somehow unresolved feeling.


In this track, Rik intended to create a sense of tension from the very start of the song. We first hear a woman (Elisabeth Shoe in ‘Soapsidh’) saying “I’m on the verge of a breakdown”, very slowed down during the intro. Then, it becomes increasingly faster as the track builds up in tension towards the drop, and we finally hear it clearly just before it drops. Then the drop feels like the release of it all, the actual breakdown, unleashing several things happening at the same time, feelings coming from different points and finally surrendering to that, no longer trying to hold them together. The main idea for the drop started from a sound design session where he was aiming to recreate the main ’womp’ from Mefjus’ & Xtrah’s ‘Fever’.
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