Headz Up Vol. 1 - Neuroheadz

Headz Up Vol. 1

Neuroheadz- Headz Up LP (Vol.1)
Release Date March 31st, 2023
Label Neuroheadz
Catalog Number NHVA001


Neuroheadz is not just a label but a way of life.

From the music. To the events. To the merchandise. The punk-like following of Neuroheadz has truly raised them to the pinnacle of the UK Neurofunk D&B world.

What started off as a bunch of friends putting on a little party to just play some Neurofunk has turned into almost 2 years later one of the fastest rising brands in UK Drum & Bass history.

Already a top 3 voted label at the DNBArena Drum and bass awards. Neuroheadz have some hefty goals to be reached for 2023 so watch this space!


It's only natural for the next step in a record label's evolution with success like Neuroheadz, to release an LP of its best work alongside some absolutely huge exclusives and first time dancefloor destroyers.

A long journey of work for the people behind the label and artists involved culminating into this huge 20 track masterpiece of Neuro-goodies to slap your nan into the outer Neuro-sphere.

Here is what you can expect.

“Avile- Criminal”
This one made some serious waves around xmas time for the Neuroheadz boys. Taking the Beatport chart by storm. It would be rude to not include it while showcasing some of our best work.

“Stonx- Wikkid World”
The Stonx boys are back and this one hits a little differently. The best follow up release you could want on Neuroheadz and easily a stand out track on the whole label. It's a wicked world out here and you’ve just been fully stonx’d

“Tremr- Afterglow”
Tremr follows up some huge releases in 2022 on Expedite Records with this monster of a dancefloor destroyer. The beautiful yet eerie vocal

“TriCe- Injected”
Well into the album now and the next track filling in the next spot is in the more than capable hands of newcomer TriCe. Little is known about this mystery producer other than he knows his way around a DAW so much in fact he injects a well needed thrust of Neuro-venom into the album.

“Esym- As We Fall”
From Protocode to Code Smell, Kill Tomorrow & Cyberfunk. Esym is not a stranger to releasing on huge labels. His debut for Neuroheadz is an epic ride of exhilarating pads and vocals driving into complete and utter gutter filth of sloppiest kind.

“Xylym- Children Of Ecstasy”
Hot off his recent Blackout Music release. Xylym drops a huge vocal sample in with his submission telling us the dangers of Ecstasy. Someone better have words because this whole album is about to give you cardiac arrest.

“Prdk- All The Things She Said”
The title is instantly recognisable from the 00s pop duo track of the same name. But what this Czech Republic producer does with it is unrecognisable. Right to the point he took the Pop duo into a meat grinder and served it to us on a dirty Neuro platter. Suppers ready kids.

“Impex- Drizzt”
Portugal resident Impex lands half way through the LP with his debut submission to the label, and gives us the standard approach he always has with his music which is, Let's make a stand out track for the year. And with that he does not disappoint. Firing on all cylinders.

“Avile- Death Toll”
Offering up his second dose of Neurosodomy, Avile becomes the the first artist to have 2 tracks on the Neuroheadz label and 2nd artist with 2 tracks on the Headz Up LP itself.

Death Toll delivers on every level. And then some.

“GU:STUFF Take Off”
A massive hit on Neuroheadz in 2022. Relive this epic rerun of the monster Neuroslapper from Czech Republic producer and Neurofunk stalwart..

“VirCZ- Day & Night”
Your second Double release artist now on Neuroheadz, Czech producer VirCZ brings in the heavy hitters with this huge vocal lead Nanny slapper that will have you salivating for more, every night and every day.

“The Fi5th- Payload”
Norwich based producer The Fi5th is quickly building up a huge catalogue of work currently with music sat ready to blow up the Neurosphere. Payload is the second release of 2023 for The Fi5th following up his huge “Jump Funk” track with this bomb dropping masterpiece.

“Moisinn- Abstruse”
The Headz Up LP is covering all angles of the sub-genre we know and love, And this has everything you would never expect such as Trumpets and The Spring stabs made famous in most Jump Up D&B tracks. It works and it's a welcome change in direction to peak your interest in what already is a phenomenal musical journey.

“Jestah- Knucklehead”
When you ask the Neuroheadz crew who are the ones to watch. Jestah is well up there as one of the first names they mention. Knuckleheadz brings the funk to a vamped up huge compilation that delves deeper and deeper into the Neuro sound and what it's capable of.

“Dialective- Creature”
The one and only Estonian producer on the album Dialective has shown his teeth in recent years with some stellar releases, but none compare to Creature. Some sharp and quick edits make this one not to be missed as it shifts in and out faster than you can say “Mikes had too much ketamine”

“Bassdealer- Out Of Control”
Bassdealler does get about. But what do you expect from someone providing the best Grade A columbian NeuroKet going. This one is a blast right up your nose straight to your brain, and does not give up its relentless pace, leaving you either ODing on the Bass, or just skint because you can't afford another packet.

“Foks- 20mg (Refix)
Foks has rubbed shoulders on many releases with some of the top names in the industry. He brought this experience to the Neuroheadz label in its infancy debuting this track on only their second release. This one is what we call “A Chugger” You`ll see why.

“Mechanix- Energy”
UK producer Mechanix starts to bring the LP to a close with this huge warper set to explode any disco ball. A very technical piece of Neurofunk setting you up for the big finale and another `One to watch` on the Neurofunk radar.

“Suspect & SETE- Heist”
Way back in the summer of 2022 Neuroheadz the label was born and with it the first release “Heist” by this phenomenal duo. Suspect comes from the times Dubstep took over the raves. SETE entered the world of production with D&B a lot later in 2021. together a sound was born and with it the birth of Neuroheadz the label.

“VirCZ- Bring Up The Bass”
The penultimate track. We take you back again to one of the favourites from the label and Czech producer VirCZ brings a much more friendlier sound to the already multifaceted album that has already taken you on absolutely every emotion known. Get your air guitar ready for this.

“Transforma & Dropset- Trigger Warning”
Here we are. The closer and what better way to do this than to blow the fucking doors right off, If they havent already.
A huge amount of experience in these 2 artists more so than anyone else featured and multiple combined top 10 hits on Beatport in the past few years.

Trigger Warning Is just that. So if you are a little fragile and wet behind the ears make sure you brace yourselves for this one as there is no coming back once you’re cancelled.

Headz Up Vol. 1 Explodes into your lives on March 31st.

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